Where Would All The Sugar Daddies Love To Stay?

sugar daddy dating

Capitalism has taken over the world and along with it has created a host of very wealthy and powerful individuals, the majority of which are men, who call the shots in various fields of power and influence. Money does not matter to them, they have it in abundance, but it is companionship they lack.  Not only that the gender ratio is still skewed in favour of males and hence there are a lot of lonely and uber rich men who don’t bat an eyelid before asking for a companion or a sugar baby for satisfying their needs, be it company or sex; and usually it’s a mixture of the two. There are tons of sugar daddy websites on the internet, sugar daddy clubs for premium members where acceptance is by invitation only, as well as Tinder to meet sugar daddy and here he picks his baby from.

The contenders for the throne

There is many a site for finding sugar babies but only a handful deserves special mention:

  • SugarDaddyMeet: This is at the top of the list for all sugar daddies who can afford it. Registration is very easy and there’s also a verification process to authenticate users.
  • SugarDaddyForMe: It is one of the oldest horses in the race and still going strong, many a sugar daddy have testified its veracity as they got full satisfaction and the perfect arrangement with their sugar babies here. No wonder that it has over 4 million members as of now. The best part is a 3 day free trial, with which you can check the usefulness of the site before actually investing in a membership.
  • SeekingArrangement: This site has garnered over five million active members, starting from the first in 2006. The site is so successful that they have multiple offices in various continents to ensure best services.
  • SugarDaddie: This is one of my favourites because it has mostly successful and connected sugar daddies that in turn attract the best sugar babies. Here you’ll find a staff member reviewing your profile and giving it the green signal, thus ensuring that the quality of content in the website is not affected in any adverse way.
  • MillionaireMatch: This is the site where the cream of the crop is to be found. With its emergence in 2001, its attracted the best in the business, including actresses, starlets, models, porn stars, athletes, beauty queens, CEO’s and investors, all of them high rollers. If she is determined and flexible enough, a sugar baby can make her fortune on this website.
  • WhatsYourPrice: A site with a difference, having the features of verifying a date, as well as the all-important background check. It gives the members options to buy or sell their chances of the first dates. This is an out of the box concept and found mention in many leading journals which are worth a read.

If you are an aspiring sugar baby, take a hard look at the mirror and see if you can do it. Spruce yourself up a bit and check out these fertile plains for a good catch.

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