Tips for Sugar Baby


sugar baby and moneyTop 5 Sugar Daddy Dating Tips

When it comes to dating, why settle for an Average Joe when wealthy men around the world are desperately looking for women, just like you, who appreciate their lavish lifestyle? Follow these top tips and you’ll find your perfect sugar daddy in no time.


  • 1.Get Dolled Up

Most sugar daddies are looking for a girl who takes them outside the bounds of their daily lives, so of course, a fresh, sexy look is a great way to attract attention! However, it’s important to keep your look classy and sophisticated. Look like the type of girl a sugar daddy can proudly flaunt during business trips and company parties.

  • 2.Go Online

With modern technology, finding a sugar daddy can be very simple! With sites like review) and review), you can easily set up a profile and start your search. Unlike regular dating sites, sugar daddy dating sites allow sugar babies and sugar daddies to be honest and upfront about the type of relationship they’re looking for.

  • 3.Spend Time in Wealthy Areas

If online sugar daddy dating isn’t for you, do some research and put together a list of the hottest hang outs for the rich and affluent. Dress to the nines and head to high-end nightclubs, ultra-lounges, swank restaurants and bars, or even wealthy neighborhood coffee shops nearest to your area. In bigger cities, places like the Four Seasons Hotel are wonderful for strolling in, having a drink at the bar and making yourself look available. Of course, this method is much more difficult than searching online, but not impossible!

  • 4.Set Your Terms

Many woman who are new to sugaring are not exactly sure what they are looking for in a sugar daddy. This can be confusing for both you, and your prospective sugar daddies. Decide if you want to exclusively see one sugar daddy, or see multiple men. Keep a preferred allowance in mind, but be flexible. Decide how much time you’re willing to spend with your sugar daddy, and what type of activities you’re open to doing with him such as traveling, dancing, sailing, etc. Knowing your terms beforehand will help you find a mutually beneficially relationship much more easily!

  • 5.Don’t Talk Money on the First Date

Of course, a relationship with a sugar daddy is not quite like a normal relationship, however, sugar babies must make their sugar daddy feel wanted, much like they would with a regular boyfriend. Though your sugar daddy understands that this is not a typical relationship, bringing up money or trying to set your allowance on the first date may come as a turn off, and could potentially drive your sugar daddy feel used. Spend your first date building rapport, and save the “business talk” for date number two. This will let your sugar daddy feel attractive and desired, making him more likely to want to meet your terms. If your sugar daddy brings up money on the first date, feel free to discuss, but try not to be the first to mention it! Protection Status