How to identify a fake sugar daddy when you are using sugar daddy sites online?

Photographs of sugar daddy with sugar baby on sugar daddy dating sites is one of the most common things done to attract young babies in search of sugar daddies. Sugar daddies are usually rich and successful men who know what they are doing in their life and what they want from the life. They usually get involve in relationship with young girls or boys depending on their preferences, offer them a lavish life style, shower expensive gifts on them, take care of their expenditures and in return they ask for companionship and sexual favours. It is no written rule that all the sugar daddies want a sugar baby for having a sexual relationship only, some of them just look forward to having a young companion, but yes sex is an integral part of such relation with benefits.

fake sugar daddy

In the yesteryears when this concept was not so commonly accepted by the society, finding a sugar daddy for your self was a difficult task but there was no such thing as fake sugar daddy. But now due to internet and all sorts of online dating sites it has become very easy to find sugar daddy for self. All sort of rich and eligible elderly men put their requirements of sugar baby on these sites. But not all the profiles or sugar baby requests on the site are genuine and there is high chance of a fake sugar daddy waiting on the other side to trap you in his evil intentions. It is very important to be cautious and not to fall for anybody just by looking at the sugar daddy name.

We have come up with some signs that can give you a fair idea whether the sugar daddy is fake or genuine.

  • Block the person who is asking for your naked picture: Sugar daddy is supposed to be a rich, successful and matured person who is looking forward to shower some attention and care on young in return of companionship. He is usually not a sex fed individual who has no other thing in mind other than sex. Sugar daddies asking for the latest picture of the prospective sugar baby are a common practise and there is nothing wrong in it but asking for a naked picture is an alarming thing. That person is only interested in having a physical relationship and there is high chance of him dumping you once he has used you.
  • Early promises of riches and luxury are another signal: It is very important to remember that rich men are rich because they have taken wise financial decisions in their life. They will not spend the money on a complete stranger but will commit to do so after they are satisfied that you are the right sugar baby for him. Any sugar baby enters into such relationship for luxury, cars, tuition fee and other such expenditure. A fake sugar daddy may take advantage of such needs and do all kind of promises at a very early stage of the conversation. If you get someone who makes some early promises then it’s time to put a red flag on it and be cautious.
  • He is talking only about sex: There is no denial of the fact that sex is an integral part of such relationship with benefits but no rich and successful man will like to roam around the city with someone he doesn’t know. A genuine sugar daddy will definitely like to know about the sugar baby as a person, his life, aspirations, likes dislikes etc. He will want a sugar baby which he can show off in his elite circle of rich friends. If the person on the other side is talking only about sex and nothing else then you should definitely stop any kind of conversation or contact with the person.
  • He asks to pay you per meet: A sugar daddy actually adopts the baby by giving her monthly allowance and taking care of his expenses. When a person is offering you to par on every appearance, he is not a sugar daddy, he is basically a man who can’t afford an escort and wants to use you as one. You are a sugar baby and not an escort this point should be clear in yours as well as prospective sugar daddies mind. Its better you end the conversation when this kind of suggestion comes up.
  • He is cancelling the meeting again and again: If the person in conversation is cancelling the meet again and again it means either he has a suspicious wife or he is just playing around with you. It is better that you cut off such person who cancels to meet for more than twice. Related reading: How to make your perfect profile on sugar daddy dating sites?

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