How does a sugar daddy/baby relationship work?

Any relationship will be unique to the individual sugar daddy and sugar baby involved. Some couples will be casual open relationships with financial support, some will be genuine, romantic couples with an age-difference and then others will be good friends-with-benefits.

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Here are some key differences that a sugar daddy arrangement can offer a sugar baby, compared to a regular boyfriend.

1) You can usually cut out the games and time-wasters because both of you know where you stand and have clear benefits.
2) A sugar daddy will be more life and relationship experience than younger men and will hopefully be more emotionally mature.
3) Financial support leads to less day-to-day stress. This means you will have more fun, free time to spend together.
4) Conversations with an older guy are a refreshing change of pace from younger guys and even from your friends in their early twenties.
5) You can learn about business or politics and widen your own life perspective if you are interested in finding a sugar daddy with that experience.
6) Any connections made throw your sugar daddy could help a future career.
7) Corporate events are more fun for a SD with good company and a chance to see things in style for a SB.
8) An improved quality of life comes from every aspect of dating a sugar daddy. Their building may have a spa or gym, you’ll have better sleeping arrangements in their home and better quality food, since they can afford to eat in high-end restaurants and buy from up-market shops.
9) A Sugar Daddy will appreciate you more than a young man who always sleeps with young, attractive women. It’s a bit of an ego boost.
10) Travel may be on offer (usually in more comfort than you would be able to afford alone).
11) Having extra money for nice clothes and underwear will make you look and feel sexier.

These aspects of dating a sugar daddy are all great advantages but there are a few other things to watch out for as well.

1) Financial support from a sugar daddy could make them feel entitled to a lot of your free time. You may even feel obliged to priorities your spare time so that you spend more of it with your SD, instead of seeing your friends. Set clear boundaries so that you both know what is expected form each other. That way neither of you will resent the other or get jealous.
2) Some corporate events will not be things you want to go to. Again, set clear expectations and come to an understanding with these events.
3) Age difference can make some general chat and cultural references a bit more difficult. Your Sugar Daddy might like different TV shows, music or social media than you do. Watch some shows together to create something you can chat about easily. Get to know what each other likes.
4) Meeting friends and family can be awkward. Decide what you want to tell them about how you met in advance if meeting anyone.
5) Any long term plans will probably fall outside the limits of your SD/SB arrangement. Every relationship will be different but most are unlikely to last or result in marriage.

The disadvantages can be worked around for the duration of your relationship. Enjoy the benefits while you each enjoy the other’s company. Above all, remember that this is meant to be mutually beneficial. Keep it that way and have fun. No stress!

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