Signs to spot a time-waster from a genuine sugar daddy

Signs to spot a time waster from a genuine sugar daddy.
When you’re trying to find the right sugar daddy, you have to talk to a lot of people. Some of them will inevitably be fake sugar daddies or otherwise wasting your time. Here are a few tell tale signs that will give them away…fake sugar daddy

Bartering over allowance. If you agree on an allowance, a genuine sugar daddy will not try to backtrack.

Cutting dates short. If they want a real sugar baby, they’ll be happy to spend time with you other than just meeting up for sex. A friends with benefits is different from a sugar daddy. We sure of what you want from the start.

Asking what you’ll do for a certain allowance. A real sugar daddy will see your arrangement as a relationship and you will work things out as you get to each stage in getting to know each other. Asking what you’ll do in bed for a certain amount of money is more suited to an escort.

Asking what you’ll wear for them. A sugar daddy may want to buy you lingerie. Other than that, asking you to wear certain outfits is also better suited to a man looking for an escort.

Offering more for you to have unprotected sex is not really acceptable. It definitely suggests that the guy wants an escort but doesn’t enjoy sex with condoms. Most escorts won’t have unprotected sex as it will put them out of business if the catch an STD. Asking you to respect yourself less than an escort does is not how a sugar daddy should behave.

Asking if you’ll go straight to a hotel room, this is not safe! Meeting anyone from a dating site should be done in a public place to begin with. Even if it’s just for a drink. It gives you a chance to see how well you get on and there is no pressure to get intimate if they are different from the way they presented themselves online. A lot of guys will use old photos for dating sites. It’s up to you to judge how okay you feel if they are older than they made out online. If honesty is important to you, let them know.

Asking if you’ll host. Sometimes, a sugar daddy will want a sugar baby mistress and ask to come to you. That is up for you to decide. However, other guys will actually be hiding a much more modest lifestyle than they make out. Again, it’s up to you how much honesty matters to you but asking you to host can sometimes indicate that they are not as well off as they think. If you want to be provided for, look into how well that can really do that.

Asking if you’ll meet a friend of theirs. Some guys might ask you to meet a friend of theirs on the side or even for you to see them at the same time in a three-way. This man is not a sugar daddy. It’s up to you where you go from there but for the safety you would be extremely cautious about meeting a man like that. Even if you agree to meet him in private, he clearly wants to have you with his friends. Meeting in a hotel room would be dangerous in case he already has another man waiting. You would be very cautious meeting a man who has asked you to take part in group sex for an allowance. That is not what a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship should be like.
Each situation is different of course but these signs can help you avoid wasting your time with fakes.

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