Where Would All The Sugar Daddies Love To Stay?

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Capitalism has taken over the world and along with it has created a host of very wealthy and powerful individuals, the majority of which are men, who call the shots in various fields of power and influence. Money does not matter to them, they have it in abundance, but it is companionship they lack.  Not only that the gender ratio is still skewed in favour of males and hence there are a lot of lonely and uber rich men who don’t bat an eyelid before asking for a companion or a sugar baby for satisfying their needs, be it company or sex; and usually it’s a mixture of the two. There are tons of sugar daddy websites on the internet, sugar daddy clubs for premium members where acceptance is by invitation only, as well as Tinder to meet sugar daddy and here he picks his baby from.

The contenders for the throne

There is many a site for finding sugar babies but only a handful deserves special mention:

  • SugarDaddyMeet: This is at the top of the list for all sugar daddies who can afford it. Registration is very easy and there’s also a verification process to authenticate users.
  • SugarDaddyForMe: It is one of the oldest horses in the race and still going strong, many a sugar daddy have testified its veracity as they got full satisfaction and the perfect arrangement with their sugar babies here. No wonder that it has over 4 million members as of now. The best part is a 3 day free trial, with which you can check the usefulness of the site before actually investing in a membership.
  • SeekingArrangement: This site has garnered over five million active members, starting from the first in 2006. The site is so successful that they have multiple offices in various continents to ensure best services.
  • SugarDaddie: This is one of my favourites because it has mostly successful and connected sugar daddies that in turn attract the best sugar babies. Here you’ll find a staff member reviewing your profile and giving it the green signal, thus ensuring that the quality of content in the website is not affected in any adverse way.
  • MillionaireMatch: This is the site where the cream of the crop is to be found. With its emergence in 2001, its attracted the best in the business, including actresses, starlets, models, porn stars, athletes, beauty queens, CEO’s and investors, all of them high rollers. If she is determined and flexible enough, a sugar baby can make her fortune on this website.
  • WhatsYourPrice: A site with a difference, having the features of verifying a date, as well as the all-important background check. It gives the members options to buy or sell their chances of the first dates. This is an out of the box concept and found mention in many leading journals which are worth a read.

If you are an aspiring sugar baby, take a hard look at the mirror and see if you can do it. Spruce yourself up a bit and check out these fertile plains for a good catch.


Can I Trust Sugar Daddy Online Dating Service?

This question has been asked by countless young aspiring sugar babies who have a bit of trepidation while stepping into the world of sugar daddy dating. The answer to this is yes and no. It depends on how you play the game. If you are naïve and do not do your research and makeup before putting up a profile on a sugar baby website, you’re just going to lose out on a lot of valuable time without suitable remuneration. One of the main reasons that girls fresh out of high school go for sugar daddies is to finance their education at the highest level. Just because they sleep with an older man doesn’t necessarily make them sluts. Many of them are brilliant students who have a genuine desire to make a mark for themselves in their chosen profession and sleeping their way through it is their only option. Rather than judging them, consider their ambition, which I find very admirable.

sugar daddy with sugar baby

Sugar daddy websites

There are many sugar daddy websites that claim to be the best in the business but only a handful can live up to that promise. You have to be very careful while giving out personal information to your potential sugar daddy. You need to make him hungry for you, because a hungry predator always makes for the best prey. It makes it difficult for you to keep your wits about you when you spot a potential suitor with the goods, but keep in mind that once you release your personal information (the lesser the better), it will be available for all to see and you might be bombarded with junk and spam and unsolicited, creepy men looking for a quick screw or a one night stand. But that’s not the way sugar daddy dating works; in this method of dating, the sugar daddy with sugar baby states his wants on a sugar daddy dating service and the kind of allowance that he will negotiate with his potential sugar baby. For the baby, using a pseudonym is a good option, as is keeping your address a secret.

You really don’t know if your sugar daddy might land up and ring the doorbell on your front porch, much to the surprise of your parents. Another thing to keep in mind is bank account numbers, you can give it to your sugar daddy after a few meetings during which you have a fair chance of knowing his level of decency and commitment towards the arrangement, and I stop short of calling it a relationship. You never know if your sugar daddy is a scammer and drain your resources.

Before agreeing to a date, check out the guy’s profile. If he is talking about sex straight off, walk away, he is not a gentleman. Once you meet a sugar daddy that you like, go off the sugar baby website and communicate with him through emails and private messages on the many different apps we have on our smartphones today. Not only does this give you a bit of control over the situation, but it also prevents friends and family stumbling across your profile online and causing great embarrassment in the process, both for you and them.

Keep these in mind, and I think you can give sugar daddies a go, considering the payoffs and the attention you will get in return, not to mention advice on life from a much more experienced and older man that will stand you in good stead over the years.


Safety online dating tips for finding a sugar daddy

Sugar daddy dating which was once a taboo subject in our society has become a very common thing and is openly discussed on various sugar daddy websites, blogs and television. If you are a sugar baby in search of a sugar daddy or a sugar daddy in search of a sugar baby then these dating sites can be quite useful for you. Though all these things are readily and conveniently available on internet but chances of scam or falling in trap of a fake sugar daddy is also equally high. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to find a sugar daddy or how to use sugar daddy sites then we have come up with few safety tips which can help you to find the right sugar daddy for you.

sugar daddy with sugar babies

Doing the research work is very important!

Okay, now you are an inexperienced sugar baby in search of a sugar daddy on a dating website. Sounds scary? It is actually not that scary if you are cautious and does your research work properly. Make sure you read the entire content available online about sugar daddies and all the dating rules involved in such kind of dating. Actually one set of rules will not be applicable on all the profiles but certain dating rules will give you a fair idea about how to go about the entire dating thing. When you know most of the things about sugar daddies and online dating with them, you will know in which territory you are entering and controlling a known game will be simpler for you.

Don’t reveal too much on your dating profile!

Your dating profile should be interesting and it should be able to grab attention of the people. Try mentioning your likes and dislikes in subtle way and try not to be very loud about your likes, dislikes, believes or convictions. Your likes will give a good view about your awareness and smartness. Besides all these things try not to give too many personal details on your dating profile. The personal details can be used by the wrong person and can harm you in one or many ways. It is better to play safe rather than repenting later.

Study the profile of prospective sugar daddy before you begin a conversation with him!

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that you carefully read the profile of the prospective sugar daddy well in advance. Try finding out as many information as possible beforehand. Read what people have to say about him. Crosscheck whether the contact details or residential details given by the person is true or fake. You can also cross check whether the person is as wealthy as he is claiming to be from local sources. Many times fraudsters fake themselves as sugar daddy and take benefit of sugar baby while they don’t have anything to offer in return.

Maintain a considerable distance even after online conversation begins!

Conversation on a virtual platform is just the beginning or a way to break the ice between two people. Initial conversation with the prospective sugar daddy may be reserved but eventually both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby gets comfortable with each other. Even if you get comfortable with the person and find him to be a good guy, don’t hurry in giving away your personal details. We are not asking to fake friendliness, be honest in your chats but don’t get too personal until you are sure that the person on other side is genuine.

Ask for latest and genuine photograph of the person in consideration!

Many times it has been observed that sugar daddy has uploaded his young photo of 80’s or 90’s and when you actually meet the person he is 20 kg overweight and bald. He is nowhere near the photo he has uploaded. If you see such picture on the profile of such person, don’t hesitate in asking for the latest photograph. If possible ask for a picture which is not photoshop or edited in any possible way. If the person is hesitant in giving original picture, it is a signal of being cautious.

Don’t respond to vulgar or cheap requests!

Many a time all that a sugar daddy wants is sex. If the person is always talking about sex, trying to talk you in looking at vulgar pictures or movies, asking for your nude picture, then you better stay away from such person. Such people may use you in any possible ways. They can even upload your naked picture on internet and portray you as a girl available for all. Apart from that a person who is offering pay for every meet is also a doubtful person. Usually sugar daddies take care of all the needs of the prospective sugar baby. 

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How to identify a fake sugar daddy when you are using sugar daddy sites online?

Photographs of sugar daddy with sugar baby on sugar daddy dating sites is one of the most common things done to attract young babies in search of sugar daddies. Sugar daddies are usually rich and successful men who know what they are doing in their life and what they want from the life. They usually get involve in relationship with young girls or boys depending on their preferences, offer them a lavish life style, shower expensive gifts on them, take care of their expenditures and in return they ask for companionship and sexual favours. It is no written rule that all the sugar daddies want a sugar baby for having a sexual relationship only, some of them just look forward to having a young companion, but yes sex is an integral part of such relation with benefits.

fake sugar daddy

In the yesteryears when this concept was not so commonly accepted by the society, finding a sugar daddy for your self was a difficult task but there was no such thing as fake sugar daddy. But now due to internet and all sorts of online dating sites it has become very easy to find sugar daddy for self. All sort of rich and eligible elderly men put their requirements of sugar baby on these sites. But not all the profiles or sugar baby requests on the site are genuine and there is high chance of a fake sugar daddy waiting on the other side to trap you in his evil intentions. It is very important to be cautious and not to fall for anybody just by looking at the sugar daddy name.

We have come up with some signs that can give you a fair idea whether the sugar daddy is fake or genuine.

  • Block the person who is asking for your naked picture: Sugar daddy is supposed to be a rich, successful and matured person who is looking forward to shower some attention and care on young in return of companionship. He is usually not a sex fed individual who has no other thing in mind other than sex. Sugar daddies asking for the latest picture of the prospective sugar baby are a common practise and there is nothing wrong in it but asking for a naked picture is an alarming thing. That person is only interested in having a physical relationship and there is high chance of him dumping you once he has used you.
  • Early promises of riches and luxury are another signal: It is very important to remember that rich men are rich because they have taken wise financial decisions in their life. They will not spend the money on a complete stranger but will commit to do so after they are satisfied that you are the right sugar baby for him. Any sugar baby enters into such relationship for luxury, cars, tuition fee and other such expenditure. A fake sugar daddy may take advantage of such needs and do all kind of promises at a very early stage of the conversation. If you get someone who makes some early promises then it’s time to put a red flag on it and be cautious.
  • He is talking only about sex: There is no denial of the fact that sex is an integral part of such relationship with benefits but no rich and successful man will like to roam around the city with someone he doesn’t know. A genuine sugar daddy will definitely like to know about the sugar baby as a person, his life, aspirations, likes dislikes etc. He will want a sugar baby which he can show off in his elite circle of rich friends. If the person on the other side is talking only about sex and nothing else then you should definitely stop any kind of conversation or contact with the person.
  • He asks to pay you per meet: A sugar daddy actually adopts the baby by giving her monthly allowance and taking care of his expenses. When a person is offering you to par on every appearance, he is not a sugar daddy, he is basically a man who can’t afford an escort and wants to use you as one. You are a sugar baby and not an escort this point should be clear in yours as well as prospective sugar daddies mind. Its better you end the conversation when this kind of suggestion comes up.
  • He is cancelling the meeting again and again: If the person in conversation is cancelling the meet again and again it means either he has a suspicious wife or he is just playing around with you. It is better that you cut off such person who cancels to meet for more than twice. Related reading: How to make your perfect profile on sugar daddy dating sites?


Why You Must Stay Away From Free Sugar Daddy Dating Sites?

It’s always tempting to join anything that’s free.  Here we’re going to tell you why it’s not a good idea to join free sugar daddy dating website.  This is true for both babies and daddies.  Neither of you should consider joining a free site and hopefully you’ll think twice about the temptation the next time it arises.  You really do get what you pay for. You’ll end up wasting both time and money when signing up to one of these sites.  None of the sites ever deliver what they promise.  There’s a reason why the other sites have to charge a fee and it’s because they deliver a real service.

free sugar daddy sites

The first reason why it’s a bad idea to go with a free site is because you’re less likely to get a date.  Let’s be honest, most of those free sites have fake members.  You’re more than likely talking to robots or people in third world countries paid to talk to you.  That’s the truth and most people don’t know it.  The good free sites do this, the bad ones, they just collect your information and that’s it.  Who knows what they plan on doing with it.  They must feel there’s money to be made using it or they wouldn’t work so hard to collect it.  This is why privacy should always be a main concern of anyone that’s planning on using an online dating site.

Not all sugar daddy sites have the same features.  This is especially true for those sites that are free.  You’re going to want to pay close attention to the features they have to offer.  Keep a close eye on their search capabilities.  You’re going to want to be able to search for people in your area.  A sugar daddy site is almost useless if it can’t search through the profiles.  You’ll also need to be able to filter out potential dates based on location.  Unless you own a private jet and are willing to fire it up at a moment’s notice, you’re going to need dates that are local.

The last thing we’re going to talk about is customer service.  If you’re ever bought anything online, you know how important this is.  You’ve got to know there are actual people at the other end that are capable of helping you.  Problems arise all the time and solutions are usually within reach.  It can be difficult to figure out the solution if no one is talking to you.  This is why its vital that the site offer top notch customer service.  More than likely you’ll never need to use them, but it’s great knowing they’re there for you in a pinch.

Always remember that you get what you pay for.  What you’re looking for is a solid baby and daddy relationship.  You can not put a value on something like this.  This is why free is not the way to go.  Rarely will the free sites deliver what they promise.  Any baby that finds a daddy on a free site should be more than a little concerned.  After all, a daddy should be able to afford a monthly charge from a legitimate dating site.  If he can’t, then he’s not sugar daddy material to begin with.


Will Registering On a Sugar Daddy Site Ruin My Status?

Many sugar daddies wonder if joining a dating site will ruin their status. The last thing many guys want, is to appear to be out of touch with the dating world. The truth of the matter is, you’re a busy guy. You should be out of touch when it comes to the world of dating. Who has time to date in this fast paced life? You’re not the average guy and you can’t meet women or sugar babies like they can. Successful people are busy and your are no exception to the rule.

register on a sugar daddy site

Don’t worry and enjoy yourself. Discover the best sugar daddy sites and choose the right one for you. You’re going to want to keep a few things in mind when you do. First off, you’re going to want to make sure they offer local singles in your area. There’s no need to find a match if they’re well beyond your reach. You’ll also want a dating site that has a search engine built into it. Using it will enable you to zero in on the best matches for you. It’ll go a long ways in increasing your productivity when it comes to finding the baby of your dreams.

Being shy will get you no where fast. It’s the truth and most people in the world of online dating don’t realize it. You’re going to have to mingle with the crowd to find the right baby for yourself.  That doesn’t mean you have to spend all day searching and sending messages to potential babies. It just means you’re going to have to get out of your shell and talk to a few women.  Don’t think twice about sending a message or two to women that peak your interests. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out the baby that’s right for you.

It’ll be a surprise to you to see how many daddies in your area use dating sites. Many guys like yourself feel that online dating is a last resort. That’s not the case and there are other guys in your area using them. Don’t be too shocked when you see one of your buddy’s at the very same site. Guys these days don’t have time for dating. This is especially true for professional men such as yourself. Your time is limited and extremely valuable. This is why you haven’t had any success as of late finding a baby. It’s not your fault it takes so much time out of your day to create the lifestyle that you enjoy. It’s hard work and that means long hours spent doing things other than chasing women.

The bottom line is this, go out there and find a baby. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You take charge in every aspect of your life. Now it’s time to take charge of your dating life.  Find that sugar baby you’ve always been dreaming about. Putting it off for another day is simply outrageous. It only means you’re going to go another day without having the excitement in your life that you crave.


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How To Begin A Relationship With Sugar Daddy

Once you’ve decided to meet your sugar daddy in person, you have to use your first date to figure out if you want to see him again and if you want to begin a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. Sugar daddy dating can be as casual or as official a relationship as you want it to be. You will probably start by having a one off meeting to see how you hit it off.

image host

Maybe you get intimate on the first meeting or maybe you don’t. These things are different for each couple but usually, a one-off intimate meeting would be agreed before you meet. That is edging towards escort behavior and is unlikely to lead to a serious sugar daddy relationship. If you want a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, make sure that’s a realistic possibility before you meet up.

The best sugar daddy site will allow you to meet and compare as many sugar daddies as possible and quickly filter through them to find the few men that you want to meet. Once you have agreed to meet up, the rest is down to you.
Your sugar daddy will probably have used old photos for his dating profile. If he is totally different, be sensible and safe about taking it further. Make sure you always meet in public first. However, if he is just a bit older or more out of shape than in his photo, it is a waste of time to ruin a date because of that. He probably just felt insecure or thought you’d turn him down if his photo wasn’t good. You should aim to make a good first impression until you know a bit more about him and then decide if you want to see him again.

The best sugar daddy sites will offer a few tips about first dates. There are ways to behave on first dates that will help you make a good first impression and make your sugar daddy want to see you again.

1)  Don’t pick the most expensive thing for the sake of rinsing your sugar daddy for all he’s got. It doesn’t look good to take advantage of someone. You will get more out of the experience and more financially if you play the long game. He will want to see you again, spoil you more often and give you things without you even asking for them if you’re in a relationship.

2) Hold a conversation. This means that you should listen to what he is saying and respond appropriately, you should ask him questions about himself and you should have interesting things to say about yourself when you are asked. Do not spend too long looking at your phone either.

3) Do not be late. Do not postpone or cancel last minute. Do not mess him around. Reliability is important if you want to make one date into an on-going relationship.

What most dating sites don’t tell you, is how to approach long-term financial support. Often it’s best to start this discussion online or over text first. It is fairly awkward to talk about in person if you’ve not even approached the subject before then. Tell them what you need financial support for, say it’s to look good for them or to help you move out into your own place or to travel.

Men will be more likely to help you out with money if they can see a benefit for them or if they feel like they are really making a difference to somebody’s dream or quality of life. Once they care about your happiness, they will probably go above and beyond with trips or taking you out.


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How To Choose Good Username For Sugar Daddy Sites

As a sugar baby on a dating site, your username is one of the best first impressions you can make. Although, the most obvious thing a sugar daddy will look for first is your profile photo, it is also very important that your name helps you to stand out from all the other girls.

sugar baby username
One of the main draws of a sugar daddy and sugar baby dating site for a man is that there are always more sugar babies than sugar daddies. Dating sites use these ratios to attract men to join the site. Any man will think there is a very good chance of meeting a girl if there are more girls than other men. A sugar daddy can feel pretty confident that he is making a good decision to join the site if he doesn’t feel that there will be too much competition from loads of other men.

How do the websites maintain these ratios? Well, sugar daddy dating sites are free for sugar babies. Only the men pay, so the aim for dating sites is to draw in loads of sugar babies first (with free membership) and then promote how many girls they have, to attract more men (who will pay). Sugar daddy sites reviews can’t lie about how many girls they have on the site or about how many men there are.

This means that when a site claims it has eight times as many sugar babies on it as sugar daddies, they are telling the truth. So you have eight times as much competition for a sugar daddy as they have for a sugar baby. If you are right for each other, that won’t be a problem once you start chatting to him. However, you have to get to that stage so your name is quite important.

Play to your strengths and establish what type of sugar baby you are. For example, saying that you are open-minded generally means D.T.F. or saying ‘here for a good time, not a long time’ means you are not looking for anything serious and are probably a backpacker or student, living in that city for a short while.

These clues in your name will instantly attract a sugar daddy who wants what you offer. For example, a sugar daddy who wants a longer term relationship would avoid a back packer or student who will move away soon. If you are a student or backpacker, that is a good thing because you will only attract sugar daddies who want a similar length of arrangement to you. It stops time-wasting.

Most sugar daddies will want young, slim sugar babies. If your age is an advantage over other girls on the site, promote it. If you say that you party hard, it is a signal to a sugar daddy who wants to take you out to events or spoil you with drinks and things. Look through a few sugar daddy profiles and see what most of them want. If they all want a girl who can hold her own in sophisticated conversations, include that in your name. Maybe throw in the word ‘intelligent’, ‘sophisticated’ or ‘mature’.

At the end of it all, you don’t want to lie in your name because it will cause complications further down the line. You won’t have a good time if you’re trying to act in a way that you don’t enjoy to please your sugar daddy. You should focus on attracting the right man for you.

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Sugar Daddy Sites—Explore Your 40+ Desires

What you’re searching for is fun for 40+ men. That’s exactly what you’ll find at sugar daddy sites. You’re a lonely guy that’s looking for a sugar baby. A woman that will take care of your needs and make your life better. It’s all possible and you can achieve this on the internet. You don’t even need to leave your house to find a sugar baby. It’s all thanks to modern technology and it’ll change your life for the better.

old man

You’re a busy guy, you don’t have time to waste all day long online. That’s exactly what you’ll do if you join a site that doesn’t use search engine technology to help you find a baby. This is the reason why you always want to take advantage of sugar daddy sites reviews. They’ll give you a bird’s eye view of the site before you even join. You’ll want to read their reviews closely and determine what site to join based on what they say. It’s not feasible for you to join every sugar daddy dating site on the internet, it would be a waste of both time and money. Read the reviews and choose the one that’s best for you.

What should you look for in a dating site? The first thing is the most obvious. It needs to have a good selection of babies. Those babies need to be in your area. It’ll do you no good if they’re half way around the country. Pay close attention to the number of babies that a site has. You’ll also need to make sure that those babies are within reach. A mobile app or website that you can use on your phone is always a plus. It’s shouldn’t exactly be a deal breaker if they don’t offer this. After all, you may not be the type that likes to surf the web on your phone. If you are, then it may be something to look into. Many people today use dating apps on their phone to communicate with others when they have free time. You may not be in front of a computer when you have five free minutes to do nothing. That’s why having an app comes in handy for many people.

Don’t fall prey to sites that charge enormous fees to message potential babies. This is the most important tip you’ll ever come across. There are some sites that will charge you to message potential dates. That’s not entirely bad in itself. The problem is, some sites have fake women messaging people. This is what they were doing at the Ashley Madison site. They pretended to have lots of women, when in fact they only had a handful. Sites like this hire either men in third world countries or have robots that send messages. Customers don’t know these messages are being sent to them by robots or guys on the other side of the world. This is exactly why you need to read and pay close attention to legitimate review sites.

Finding a baby of your very own isn’t difficult. You’ll actually discover that it’s quite easy. The truth is, it’s always as easy as pointing and clicking. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to find the sugar baby that you’ve always dreamed of. It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make.


What Not To Do When Dating A Sugar Daddy

There are certain things that you have to consider when you are dating a sugar daddy that are a little bit different to how you can act in a conventional relationship. Often, you can enjoy the time you spend with you sugar daddy in the same way that you would spend time with a boyfriend but there are some other things that you should watch out for. Being aware of these things and avoiding them where possible will help you get the most out of the dates with your sugar daddy.

What not to do when dating

1.Do not be late.

There is slightly more pressure on you to keep to time than in a usual relationship. A sugar daddy is essentially giving you all the perks that he does in return for spending time with you. It isn’t fair for you to keep him waiting or to cut short the time you spend together. A mutually beneficial arrangement  is more business like than a regular relationship so you shouldn’t treat it as casually as a regular relationship.

2.Do not cancel dates at short notice or continually postpone them.

The reasons are similar to the reasons you shouldn’t be late but this will have even worse effects on your arrangement. Your sugar daddy is a busy man with lots of other time commitments. If you are flake about meeting up, he will get tired of being stood up very quickly. Some sugar daddies might not even give you a second chance if you pull out of meeting up without good reason or notice. It’s about respect and successful men do not like being messed around.

3.Do not let your SD waste your time either.

The first two points also apply the other way around. If your sugar daddy messes you around, cancels dates without good reasons or good notice or if he keeps postponing your dates, then you deserve better. Your time is also valuable and you need to find a sugar daddy who respects that. You shouldn’t have to change your plans to fit around rescheduled dates. If he keeps postponing a first date, he probably isn’t serious about the arrangement. If you are serious about finding a sugar daddy, make sure he is really going to meet you regularly.

4.When you are together, don’t be distracted by your phone or have your mind on other things.

Most arrangements work best when they are  separate to the rest of your life. When you are spending time with your sugar daddy, it should be quality time. Listen to what he is saying, take an interest in the conversation and the things that he likes. Enjoy being in his world and doing the nice things he pays for you to do with him. If neither of you are enjoying being together, the arrangement is pointless.

not to do when dating sugar daddy


5.Don’t let the arrangement take over your life. 

The first four points wont be possible if you feel like you are having to devote too much of your time to be with your sugar daddy. Agree with him on an amount of dates per week or amount of nights that you will spend together. It must be an amount of time that you can comfortably fit into your existing life. If you are always tired from working and spending  the rest of your time with him, you won’t have as much fun as you would if you can get enough rest, see your friends and then see your sugar daddy. Quality time is way more important than the quantity of time you spend with your sugar daddy.

6.Quality time will also depend on how you act about money.

Don’t always go for the most expensive option. Choose what you like instead of automatically looking for the most extravagant options. You’ll both enjoy it more. Respect is mutual and trying to rinse a man’s wallet does not make a good impression on him or give him much reason to want to spend time with you. He will know if you are only after his money.

7.Do not lead them on romantically.

If your sugar daddy wants things to become more romantic or if you think he is starting to feel more seriously about you, be honest. Things can get very messy if you encourage a successful man to treat you like a real girlfriend and then break his heart later. Keep it fun, with no strings attached. Part of the appeal of an arrangement is that you both know where you stand with each other, so nobody gets hurt.

Dating a sugar daddy should be a fun way to experience a different side of life than you could afford to see on your own. It  should be fun for both of you and you should both look forward to the dates you spend together. He will not have fun or want to keep seeing you if he feels like you are taking advantage of his money or messing him around. Protection Status